About me

My  name is Sarah Gelberg Chan. I’m a technical writer living in the beautiful San Francisco bay area with my husband, P, and our two cats, A and B. My husband’s name is not actually P, but since this is my blog, not his, for the sake of his privacy and anonymity, that’s what I’ll call him here. (I may also refer to him in various other ways on the blog, but none of those names will be his real name, either.) In the picture that follows, he’s the one in the suit on the right. (By process of elimination, I’m the blonde in the black dress on the left. Yo.)

Likewise, our cats are not actually named A and B. Actually, the cats are mine–they came with the package when we started dating, and he is dealing with that. However, since I have initialized my husband, it seems weird to name the cats otherwise, so there we have it. The cats are ordinary domestic short hairs, one black and one tortie. They are very likely litter mates, but until I have them tested genetically (read: never) that can’t be verified. Cat A is not actually named A, but since every time I call, “Here, kitty, kitty,” she’s the one who comes running first, it seems appropriate. (The fact that cat A behaves as though she were a dog stuck in a cat suit bears further discussion, but later.) An old but still accurate picture of Cat A follows. Yes, she’s sitting on the toilet in the bathroom in an old apartment. There was a lot of light in there and she seemed to like posing for the camera.

In addition, cat B’s real name actually does start with a B, so although she not my second-favorite cat–like any good parent, I don’t play favorites–that also seems apt. You can see cat B in the following picture. Like most cats, cat B is over it. 

I’ll be updating this page with further info as I decide they are useful or appropriate. That’s all for now.