And away we go…

This is the first blog post of what I hope will be many. The Gelberg Variations is my corner of the Internet. Its name comes from the fact that my maiden name is Gelberg, which is similar to Goldberg, which happens to be the name of a very well known work by Bach. Since was taken, it occurred to me that The Gelberg Variations had a distinctive sound that would work for my purposes. I have the following goals for this blog:

  • Develop the practice of writing every day (my initial target for this blog is to add one entry per week)
  • Strengthen my writerly voice
  • Cultivate an audience for my writing, and learn how to best connect with that audience
  • Develop my presence as a voice on the Internet, whatever that turns out to be.
  • Test drive excerpts from my novel in progress, and someday be able to remove the “in progress” part.

So with that…

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